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With over one hundred years in the brass trade supplying a wide range of industries, many with World Class Companies, including gas, water, electrical, automotive, and general engineering, we can truly say that we offer a comprehensive service.

We have anticipated changes in the market with the introduction of modern machine tools involving considerable capital expenditure, and also with constant review of management methods and quality systems.

We can produce hot brass stampings (machined and unmachined) weighing from a few grams up to 2.5 kg on a wide variety of stamping presses of up to 350 tonnes capacity. Well maintained modern machine tools and finishing equipment provide fully machined stampings of good quality.

The benefits of brass stampings are well known: accurate and consistent reproduction of strong, non-porous, easily machined and corrosion resistant components with an attractive appearance. All this with relatively low tool costs.

But add our in-house design, toolmaking, stamping, machining, finishing, brazing, assembly and testing facilities, and you will see the Rainsford and Lynes Advantage - a truly cost-effective 'one-stop' service for the supply of brass components and sub contract assemblies.

Machined Copper Forgings, Steel and Aluminium Components
We can also offer components machined from copper forgings, from steel and aluminium bar and aluminium forgings.

Telephone: 0121-765 2010

BSI Registered - BS EN ISO 9001:2008, Certificate no. FM 12544